Lock Types

There are plenty of ways to protect your home from different issues we face throughout our life. But you should start protecting your house from a simple thing: picking the right lock. When you buy a new door or simply want to change the lock, keep in mind that there are plenty of options where every one of them is perfect. 

What Are the Lock Types for Entrance Doors?

Door locks differ in size, internal design, locking principle, insertion way, etc. But we want to highlight the importance of reliability. Each lock should be reliable so you will feel safe both when you are inside or outside your house. 

Mortise Lock

Mortise locks are the most common and most reliable door lock types for entrance doors. The hidden installation is their main advantage. Such a lock looks great when it comes to the door design but it is also a reliable technology that works smoothly as a clock. 

People usually pick mortise locks as they are the most known and easy to use. You just have to use your key to open the lock and that’s it. Besides, the design is very familiar to everybody so it won’t hurt your eye. 

Locking Mechanism Classification

Here are the most common mechanisms for entrance locks that are used worldwide, including in the USA:

  • electromechanical locks;
  • code locks;
  • lever lock;
  • cylinder lock;
  • monoblock lock.

Electromechanical Locks

You have to enter letters and numbers combinations to enter the house. This is an electronic panel lock that has a physical key. To enter the house, you should enter your key and enter the password. If you mess on a password, the door won’t open.

Code Locks

The main advantage of code locks is that you don’t need a key to enter your house. So you don’t even have to worry whether you’ve lost your keys or not. You just have to enter the right combination for a door to open. 

Lever Locks

This is a classic mechanism since they work the easiest of all. You just have to turn your key and you are home. It is physically impossible to hack the lever lock and it works smoothly for a long amount of time so don’t worry about staying outside in case of the lock breakage. 

Cylinder Locks

Another timeless classic that is easy to manage and fits any door design. This lock is a bit safer than others in terms of finding the same key replacement to open the door. And the key that you’ll have will be no bigger than your finger, so it is easier to carry it around. Just keep an eye on it so you won’t lose it. 

Monoblock Locks

This type combines lever and cylinder locks systems and they provide the users with great security options. The closing of the cylinder lock works together with the shutter lifting in the lever mechanism. It prevents the picks and drills access through the keyhole.

Which Lock Suits Better for You?

The choice is hard to make and depends on lots of things. The first and the most important is what do you want from the lock: should it be more secure or more compact. Or maybe you don’t want to carry a key around because you lose it every time you go out. 

There are plenty of options including high-tech and more classical ones. We, Papa Locksmith, can help you with your choice. As soon as you call us, our professionals will head right away, check your door, talk to you, and together you’ll decide which option is the best for you. 

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