Papa Locksmith Services in Charlotte, North Carolina

Each and everyone ever had a situation when there were no keys in the pocket. It can happen any time – you can stand in front of your own house or you can find yourself in the middle of the parking lot near Target. 

In any case, you should know who you can call to solve this situation. 

Even if losing keys is not the case, there is always a chance that your car or house lock breaks. We won’t sugarcoat your issue. We just want to solve it most efficiently so you can continue with your business as nothing ever happened. 

Our specialists will head on their way as soon as you leave your request at (877) 941-0421. The operators ask you questions and can name the estimated price so you can confirm Papa Locksmith services. 

Besides opening different doors, we can help you with other things regarding the locks. Many people call us when they want to rekey the house or change the old locks to the newer, smart ones.

Our most popular services include:

  • Unlock your car
  • Rekey your lock
  • Change locks
  • Repair ignition
  • Program transponder keys
  • Make V.A.T.S. keys
  • Replace business locks
  • Set panic bars

We can provide you with more service, just ask our operator and we will do our best for you!

Papa Locksmith Works 24/7/365

As USA citizens ourselves, we want everyone to feel safe and sound at all times. Thus, we understand, that most of the calls we get don’t follow some premeditated agenda of changing locks. So we work every day, night, holiday, weekend, you name it.

Your issue doesn’t even stand a chance when you call us on the 4th of July because you lost your keys while looking at fireworks. That’s when you call us and we arrive in 20 minutes to help you. 

Why Should You Call Papa Locksmith in Charlotte, North Carolina?

As soon as you call us, we pack the best professionals and send them to your place. They have everything to solve your problem. 

Each piece of equipment we possess is the newest technology that helps to solve issues faster and better. Our locksmiths pay attention to the trends to help more people with unique problems. 

Besides, we offer a 90-day warranty. So if something breaks or doesn’t work, we come to you to fix it ASAP. 

Charlotte Areas We Visit

Name your zip code when talking to the operator so we can calculate the arrival time.

28105, 28126, 28130, 28134, 28201, 28202, 28203, 28204, 28205, 28206, 28207, 28208, 28209, 28210, 28211, 28212, 28213, 28214, 28215, 28216, 28217, 28218, 28219, 28220, 28221, 28222, 28223, 28224, 28226, 28227, 28228, 28229, 28230, 28231, 28232, 28233, 28234, 28235, 28236, 28237, 28241, 28242, 28243, 28244, 28246, 28247, 28250, 28253, 28254, 28255, 28256, 28258, 28260, 28262, 28263, 28265, 28266, 28269, 28270, 28271, 28272, 28273, 28274, 28275, 28277, 28278, 28280, 28281, 28282, 28284, 28285, 28287, 28288, 28289, 28290, 28296, 28297, 28299

Dial (877) 941-0421 to talk to our operator and get all the information! Even if you have just a simple question or want to book a specific service for a specific time. 

North Carolina is one of the few states which require licensed locksmiths to have completed an examination administered by the Board.

It depends on your doors and the aim. You can have a standard lock that will be the best option for your garden shed or you can get a top-notch smart lock for your house.

It usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes to get on the spot in Charlotte, NC. The operator will specify the time.

It is better to visit Home Depot or a similar store to copy a key. There is no need for a locksmith here.

We charge $29. Most other companies charge around $19-55.

You can call a locksmith, however, it is better to call Charlotte, NC police which usually comes faster and can help to unlock your car.